What happened till now:

We were the very first to introduce personalized articles onto the market — our Albatros name cards. The design is timeless. Each card has its own message for the recipient as well as an explanation about the origin and meaning of the individual first names. These name cards first appeared in the year 2000 and quickly became best sellers. In the meantime we have come up with several new variations.


Another success story, introduced in 2002, is our personalized ball-point pens with first names
on them, along with character traits associated with this particular name. Thanks to feedback from our customers we have further developed the design, to make it even more stylish and appealing.

Kugelschreiber Kugelschreiber

We know how to spot trends! We proved it in the year 2002 with our personalized toothbrushes — with first names on the handle. They enjoyed great popularity throughout Germany.


In 2003 we presented a further novelty — the Albatros this-date-in-history card — an individual chronicle card with the memorable events on this particular day in the past. It can be given on the occasion of a recipient’s birthday, wedding day or anniversary, name’s day and the like.
In contrast to conventional cards, ours are folded twice and so there is enough space for a personal message.


In 2004 we introduced a product which continues to be a practical accessory for many people — our Albatros personalized neck strap key ring. It is useful in everyday life, and not only for keys!


Another big seller made its appearance in 2005 — our personalized license-plate keyring tags with first names on them. It is a popular article and a great gift to give to relatives and friends.